Jerome Mack
Air Quality Station:

Site Analysis:

       Project consisted of a detailed study and assessment of fourteen existing air quality monitoring sites throughout Clark County, Nevada for:
• Life safety
• Utilities
• Building code compliance
• Structural integrity
• Site access
• Preparation of findings in a final report.

The assessments provided in-depth analysis of 14 sites; reviewing replacement and/or renovation options in order to eliminate, mitigate and/or rectify problems and concerns. The final report had identified, evaluated, and proposed corrective actions for each site for the Department of Air Quality & Environmental Mgmt.

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  • Jerome Mack Middle School Jerome Mack Middle School Station #0
  • E. Sahara E. Sahara Station #1
  • Winterwood Winterwood Station #2
  • S.E. Valley S.E. Valley Station #3
  • Apex Apex Station #4
  • Craig Road Craig Road Station #5
  • Sunrise Acres Sunrise Acres Station #6
  • Lone Mountain Lone Mountain Station #7
  • Green Valley Green Valley Station #8
  • Walter Johnson Walter Johnson Station #9
  • Paul Meyer Park Paul Meyer Park Station #10
  • Orr School Orr School Station #11
  • Boulder City Boulder City Station #12
  • Jean Jean Station #13
  • Palo Verde Palo Verde Station #14