Clark County
Shooting Complex:

       Recognizing that good design is an investment in the future, ATA Architecture was successful in creating harmony between the buildings and their surrounding texture. The architectural forms and expressions utilized throughout the complex are in tune with surrounding landforms and natural terrain, thus reducing the impact of the buildings from the city below. This was achieved through the use of a consistent building language, durable materials, and special attention to human scale. Block patterns replicate the stratus of nearby Sheep Mountain Range, with colors blending into the desert while maintaining a visual unity. Buildings have wide wrap around armadas, constructed with steel posts and weathered corrugated metal overhands whose patina and textures are reminiscent of old ranch style houses.

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  • Shotgun Center Shotgun Center
  • Hunter Education Hunter Education
  • Rifle/Pistol Center Rifle/Pistol Center
  • Park Office Park Office
  • Maintenance Warehouse Maintenance Warehouse
  • Utility Building Utility Building
  • Shotgun Center Shotgun Center Multi-Purpose Room
  • Maintenance Warehouse Maintenance Warehouse Storage & Loading
  • Shotgun Center Shotgun Center Outdoor Gathering Lounge
  • Hunter Education Hunter Education Adjacent Classrooms